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Blue-O, Engineered Nanomaterials Maker

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Hanson Ruan, CEO/CTO

Mr. Hanson Ruan earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree from East China University of Science and Technology.  He worked as a Chemical Process Engineer at a Pharmaceutical Institute for five years before jointed two fortune 100 JVs in Shanghai as Tech Lead. All these solid backgrounds prepared him to immigrate to Canada in 1999.  There, he joined his graduate program from MSc to Ph. D in Material Science in Simon Fraser University, where his great interest of synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials were developed and depended.  After graduation with IP struggle with his x-PI, he founded Blue-O Technology Inc in 2008 to apply what he believed and achieved in Nanotechnology for the real-world need. 

Since then, he has worked with more than 30+ Ph. D and PDF scientists and engineers to develop advanced nano-electromaterial for clean energy products.  He invented plate shaped nano-electrocatalyst for hydrogen based fuel cell products.  He collaborated with various Tier 1 hydrogen fuel cell companies for customized ENMs.  Recently, he led his team further developed an engineered layer structured electrode (ELSE) that surpassed USA DOE HDV MEA benchmarks for 2025 with more than 40,000 hours (equivalent) lifetime and 70% more power than the benchmark after testing. 


More, Mr. Ruan and his team further developed non-degrading electrocatalysts, which will give ELSE MEAs more power, and a double lifetime at similar cost.  Even better, Mr. Ruan and his team discovered a Solid-state Electroplating method to produce angstrom thickness thin-film coated nanoparticles.  Such new class of nano-electromaterial will not only bring a possible cost reduction of precious metal based HFC below ICE cost, but also with over more than 15 years or more lifetime with zero emission of GHG.  And more exciting functional nanomaterials can be produced for various other applications including medical and health fields.

Mr. Ruan is a creative innovator, a problem solver, an experiential Sciengineer (Scientist +Engineer), a seasoned nano-electromaterial developer, and an enduring entrepreneur. His passion is to bring enabling clean energy and clean technologies to the world for our better living.



Emad Girgis Ph. D Chief Engineer

Over 10 years of experience in organic and inorganic thick film coating characterization, thin/thiv film and electrode coating technologies. Strong background in catalyst ink mixing, catalytic composition, nanostructure materials and characterization techniques, electrical/mechanical properties of the thin/thick coated film, determine root causes of coating failures and execute corrective actions. Experience in metal/oxides alloys, clean room technologies. Provides objective analysis and innovative solutions to a wide range of manufacturing problems, cost and productivity optimization, and safety and environmental issues and specific experience in the following: 

  • Thin film processing techniques such as roll to roll coating, surface engineered tape casting, spray, gravure, and slot die coating techniques.

  • Mechanical tests (hardness, fracture toughness, impact testing, adhesion, and micro-scratch analysis of the coated films).

  • 3D CAD design and TCAD software.

  • Process Transfer (Research to pilot scale).  

  • Continuous wet deposition processes

  • Automated mechanical assembly

  • Fab metrology tools and characterization techniques; TOF-SIMS, TGA, SEM/EDS, XPS, XRD, AFM and FTIR.

  • Contact angle measurements for surface energy of the catalyst coated films.   

Please contact us if you would like to support, work together, or jointly develop some new exciting clean energy products.

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