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Deterioration of all existing commercial electrocatalysts used for hydrogen fuel cell has been a challenge to sustain a desired clean energy output. Fortunately, through intensive research, Blue-O has discovered a novel class of nanomaterials that overcame this shortcoming completely.  A sustained clean power output can be achieved by this ENMs. 

Power Sustaining Electrocatalyst EX6

The loss of electrochemical active surface area (ECSA) has been a critical factor of deterioration of electrocatalytic performance of hydrogen fuel cell power loss and its associated shortened lifetime.  This challenge has been a hot focus of research and development though last a few decades.   In 2021, Blue-O has solved this challenge and beyond.   Blue-O has developed a novel class of engineered nanomaterials that not only showed zero deterioration over 80,000 AST voltage cycles, but also exhibited a dramatic ECSA increase and reached a plateau.   Incorporation of such advanced EX6G electrocatalysts in hydrogen fuel cell system will boost greatly the needed power with much appreciated lifespan over at least 25,000 hours for desired HDV power generator application.   

Another similar ENM electrocatalyst was evaluated at a Chinese state automobile technology testing center.  It showed unparallel stability of ECSA over the required testing cycles.   Its increased specific activity and mass activity demonstrated its potent catalytic performance over time.  Based on the known scientific and engineering knowledge, incorporation of such potent electrocatalysts in the hydrogen fuel cell power generators will boost their performance and lifespan, which is idea for mass market growth. 

Blue-O Tech is looking for potent investor(s) and strategic partner(s) to produce this novel and potent electrocatalysts for zero emission power generation. Please come to visit us at Hannover Messe 2024 at Hall 13 booth 4.   Support us or work with us together to combat the climate change and to protect our living earth. 

Preorder this product is available at the booth. Please contact our staff for your need.   Or you can click to down a product brochure

Ex6-flat ECSA.png
EX6-SA rising.png
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